Sitting on the shore of this sea of red sunsets as Serrat, a famous Catalan singer-songrwiter would say, we see the tides vibrate to a different beat. A restless coming and going of cultures. A creativity going beyond the edges of the canvas, which we capture in every garment.

From this corner of the Mediterranean, we tell stories with our skirts and we make skirts with a story behind them.

When our father conceived and patented a Jacquard loom for skirts, he decided against taking the easy route. Today, we are still walking that same path whilst we embrace the vision of a new century. We weave skirts with soul, blending tradition and modernity into each plaid.


We convey our passion, our true Barcelona essence and what we are with each skirt. And so that none of this gets lost along the way, we ensure they are produced in their entirety here.

We believe in using and preserving, in things that last a lifetime and in creating a better tomorrow. For these reasons, we make quality skirts that won't fall apart after a few spins in the washing machine, made with eco-friendly fabrics and dyes. We only want to make a mark on fashion, not on our planet.

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